The Return

Garage Politics - YBPC

At long last the return is here. Last night Buzz and I completed the final sound and video test for the show and starting on Monday 8 August 2022 we will officially record and post our first show for the public in over twelve years. We wanted to do it several times but things just never worked out. It’s here now folks.

Spread the word to your friends and be ready. I will post here, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Rumble when the show is ready. Our post on the front page for the show each week will be the link to our Rumble channel. When we are ready to start broadcasting live we will do so on Rumble. We won’t be able to live stream to YouTube until we have 1000 followers and at present we have far fewer than that. So it is our goal to parlay our 6.5 followers into a small, conservative, media empire. Join us on the journey.

Welcome back to the garage folks. We’re glad to have you with us.

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