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Who We Are

We are the garage crew. We are common men with an extraordinary love for God, our families and our republic. We are every man. We are the forgotten man. We do know jack! We are patriots. We hear, understand and properly interpret the buzz. We dance and move to the music and rhythm of life. We are Garage Politics.

Meet the Original Team

The Original Garage Politics Crew
The Original Garage Politics Crew

“Guitar Don”

Our musical genius and the instigator that started it all. “Guitar Don” was the driving force behind our music and badgered Keith into starting the show back in 2008. In many ways we owe the whole GP revolution to “Guitar Don” Russo.

Braxton Rankin

For Garage Politics it is certainly true that “The Buzz Man cometh”. Braxton Rankin, the younger brother of Keith Rankin, is the life of the party, the comedian extraordinaire and the core atomic makeup of our GP Funny Bone.

“The Common Patriot”
Keith Rankin

The Common Patriot is our “talent”. There’s a hilarious story behind that if you listened to the show originally. This self-styled political philosopher is the source of the passion that keeps things moving . Listen up! You might just learn something.

“Just Jack”

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to “Piss Jack Right Off”! This is the walking encyclopedia of historical and political knowledge that always kept us on track. Jack Rasbeary brought wit, smarts, sarcasm; whatever it took. Oh! Don’t mess with Texas.

Our Story

Garage Politics is all about giving a voice to the opinions of the common American. There’s nothing particularly special about any of us here at GP other than the fact that we love God, we love our families and we love our country. We’ve got regular jobs and big dreams that are no different than yours and we believe firmly and completely in the attainability of the American Dream.

We believe in the strength and beauty of our founding documents and we believe that the Constitution is NOT a “living, breathing document” made malleable for the constant twisting, bending and alteration of malicious, self-serving politicians. The founding fathers were fully aware of the need to adjust to changes and they prepared us for that with the ability to amend the constitution as they did with the Bill of Rights and as we have subsequently undertaken on 17 other occasions. The courts and our politicians can only usurp the power and authority bequeathed to us by our founding fathers when we let them do so.

We believe that the power of America is the people. We believe that the economy only rolls and grows because we make it so. The buildings go up, the transportation system runs, streets are safe, schools educate, fires are put out and this land is defended specifically and exclusively because of the actions and dedication of the American people. We buy the stocks, save, build, raise our families, share the burdens and love our neighbors like no other country on this planet and to an extent never seen in history. We are still the world’s food bank, the primary purveyor of freedom and democracy and the greatest force for both political and military support around the world. We are hated for those very things by the new dictators and tyrants of the 21st century in the same manner as we were hated by their vile predecessors.

We believe that capitalism is not evil, though we understand that there are some who would abuse the power and freedom inherent in such a system. We further believe, however, that the will of the American people, exercised through the free market, is the greatest check and balance on those who would rob us of the fruits of our labor or seek to twist the magnificence of our birthright into a simple vehicle for their own exclusive enrichment. Government intervention and control is NEVER the answer. Every enterprise undertaken by the government outside of its specific constitutional mandates is made a mockery of by sapping the productivity of our nation and miring our process in the bloated bureaucracy and crony capitalism to which so many of us have become accustomed.

We understand that this is a representative republic specifically because our founders understood the inherent dangers of a purely democratic system. We believe that our entire system of laws and government cannot constantly change and shift to match the whims of each generation. What is right and wrong, despite the protestations of the left and the relativists, is constant and unwavering. We do not subscribe to the idea that each individual makes their own truth or that we can continue to exist as a great nation by sacrificing our own culture and heritage to every new group and special interest audacious enough to demand that we do so. Still, we believe that the assimilation of our immigrant population is a boon to the nation. It is only so, however, when they become a part of our great nation and combine their own love and support for America with ours. It is NOT our diversity that makes us great; that makes us individuals. It is our shared love for America, our shared respect for the history and heritage of this nation and our unified, steadfast willingness to sacrifice all that we are for the continuation and growth of that ideal that makes us great. Diversity makes us a wonderful conglomeration of individuals who are beneficiaries of the freedom and liberty that the founders rightly identified was ours by the Grace of God. We are only truly great, however, when we willingly meld that individuality to share the powerful vision of our founders and come together as Americans.

We are the common patriots of our age and we carry forth the legacy left to us by the generations of common patriots who came before us. We received the torch from Kennedy and are heirs to Jefferson’s great intellect. We aspire to Washington’s dedication and selflessness. We exist fully in the pride, mourning and lessons learned from our wars. We revere the stoic perseverance of the generation that freed our world from the grasp of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo while at the same time regretting the necessity to sacrifice so heavily from the well of our nation’s youth. Our heroes have been Texas Rangers, Warriors and great men as well as our parents and the millions of heroes every day who put their lives on the line for us and sacrifice that we might fully partake of the greatness and possibility of America. We echo the thunderous sentiments of Patrick Henry while we savor the philosophy of those such as Jonathan Edwards. In short we are pieces and parts of all that has been assimilated into the American persona.

We love our troops whether we agree with the politicians or not. We love them because the soldier never asks “why do you send me there?” but rather the soldier interposes himself between the country he loves and the danger that awaits us. The soldier says “I will bare your burden and ease your fears because I will face the evil in your stead”. We love them because, unlike the opponents of America and those even in our own country today who demand that we dispose of our patriotism, the soldier is the embodiment of our patriotism and they stand in the gap against the onslaught of evil and hatred to say “I will give my life in the struggle to defeat you if need be but I will not permit you to harm those whom I protect”. It is a love rooted in respect rather than anger but it is a determination with roots in the history of places as storied as Sparta and as ignominious as a cross at Calvary.

We are the common man, the common patriot, musician, truck driver, farmer, clerk, accountant, teacher, mother, father, brother, sister, mechanic, roofer, plumber, cop, surfer, artist, athlete and homemaker. We disdain the arrogance and elitism of politicians and their defenders in the media and academia. Common sense is a yardstick for us and we have a complete lack of respect for those who revel in the process of twisting and “spinning” common sense to direct any circumstance to their own ends. We don’t spout words like honor, integrity and dedication for the express purpose of concealing the dark spots in our souls; those are terms we live every day in our jobs and our homes. Our friends are not expendable to suit our current desires or circumstances and we don’t move in and out of personal relationships for some twisted sense of political or personal expedience. We are the backbone of this great Republic; We are Americans.

Garage Politics Is Our Voice.

Meet the New Team

The Current Garage Politics Crew

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