GP Show 08 August 2022

We are officially back!

The garage crew opened the door last night and returned with their first regular broadcast since 2010. We covered Faith and our assertion regarding the Christian origins of our republic, the preamble to the constitution and the truth about groomers (Social Sexual Engineers) as the left continue to demonize anyone who opposes their agenda.

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Each week our show will be posted to Rumble and YouTube so you can use your preferred platform there as well. The video posted here will always be the Rumble video as I expect better treatment from Rumble than I do long term from YouTube.

So without further adieu I give you the first fully produced and ready to view installment of our return. Welcome to the Garage and welcome to the GP Family. God Bless and Enjoy!

GP Show 08 August 2022

The Common Patriot

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