Light of Hope

Out of the Darkness

I have long been blanketed by a heavy cloak of darkness and disillusionment.  My heart has been in pain and my mind has been awash in fear and uncertainty.  Despite all that I have believed in my life I slowly succumbed to the doubt and soul numbing fear that the enemy has worked so diligently to inject into our lives.  I have consistently entertained the thoughts of our doom as a nation and the long dreaded dissolution of our republic that the enemy strives for.  I have been paralyzed by fear and disgusted with what I have perceived as the failure of my fellow citizens and patriots to grasp the gravity of our situation.  In short I have become the very thing that I held as reprehensible; submitting to my fear, gorging myself on the horror of failure and sinking to my knees in abject failure at the mere thought of the task that faced us in restoring the republic to its former glory and purpose.  For a time I have been other than what God made me to be.  I have been a creature warped by fear and captive to my emotional misgivings.  I have failed.

This morning, however, I began to emerge from the retched prison of my own fear and despair.  I realize as I did once before that we need not be captive to our fears nor subject to the crushing weight of despair and disappointment in which our modern world has been soaked.  It is true that as we seek solace from our secular masters or beseech our political overlords for redress of grievances we are met only with bitter disappointment.  We cannot depend on the corrupt and soulless purveyors of subjugation to lead us rightly through the minefield of failure and disillusionment we must navigate.  There is only one way and one answer for what ails our land and our own lives.  Our founders recognized the importance of the path they set us on and they extolled the virtues of the foundational concepts on which they built this republic.  There is no modern-day revelation on the nature of man that is any more comprehensive than the understanding our founders had.  While the technology and modern wonders we see may be advanced over the 17th and 18th centuries there is not one grain of difference between good and evil from then to now.  Man is still imperfect and disposed to his own self-interests.  Given power man will still seek to obtain more and consolidate his power to best advantage.  Left to his own devices man will seek to control and take advantage of his fellow-man.  This has always been the nature of man.  The only substantial difference today is that greater influence can be exercised in a shorter period of time with the present day technologies.  This is no great mystery.  If you take a moment to analyze the world around you it will be readily apparent that I speak the truth.  The constitution and our founding principles have not become irrelevant and we don’t need some grand, new scheme to obtain utopia.  What we need, plain and simple, is the truth and sound principles that guide us to limit the power of the state, trust in the individual and cling to the tenets of our Christian faith.  It is true that man will tend to evil if left to his own devices and that is where our faith comes in.

You don’t have to claim or be a Christian for this but you do have to acknowledge the efficacy of our founding principles and the simple truth that a reliance on the tenets of the Judeo-Christian faith has been central to our growth, advancement and success.  That faith and the truths it espouses provides us an environment of mutual respect and industry where peace can reign and we can grow as a nation in a strong union of like-minded brothers and sisters.  When the faith enjoins us to love our neighbor, not kill, not steal and not covet what is not ours those are solid, beneficial concepts.  You needn’t espouse the deity of Christ in order to believe that these are concepts that are good for society.  What we have today, however, runs counter to common sense and should be an alarm bell to anyone who wants to have a stable, dependable, life nurturing society in which to exist.  Our society moving beyond the concept of faith has brought about a free for all that not only permits but encourages moral relativism.  The simple idea that morals are relative to the individual should be absurd to each and every one of us.  If morality is purely subjective then it proceeds from that truth that nothing is absolute.  If you accept that nothing is absolute then you must allow that for one individual telling a lie is acceptable while another person telling that same lie must be punished.  If we have no firm grounding in truth then the failure of our society is a fate accompli.  We are at that threshold now and I pray we have not crossed over the point of no return.

When someone says to you “don’t force your morality on me” what they are actually saying is “I don’t care for this society as it is and I want my own set of norms”.  When you discard the foundational pillars of a culture then you are striving for the introduction of a different culture.  You have to ask yourself at some point what type of culture do the opponents of morality and our founding principles want to lead us to?  If we are not to have a society grounded firmly in the founding principles and the Judeo-Christian faith then you must deduce from our already emerging circumstances, what we are moving toward.  It cannot have escaped everyone how much each aspect of our society and our civilization is linked to the principles of faith and morality that undergird it.

When we allow our opponent to tell us that the roles of men and women are nothing more than an arbitrary social construct there are so many in our world who applaud this idea because they believe that what is at stake is fairness.  They want women to have every opportunity that men have and they believe fervently that anything less is unfair.  What they do not perceive, however, is that beyond the simple concept of job, pay or social fairness lies the foundational concept of how we build our society, nurture our families, propagate our species and ensure the growth and continuation of our civilization.  There were those waiting in the wings to seize on the concepts of fairness and social justice to carry the ball much farther than had ever been advertised in all of the pretty speeches about equality.  Once we decouple the roles we exist in from our social structure we are told then that since there is equality between the two sexes then there is no need to follow the norms of family or child rearing because these are merely extensions of the social constructs created by oppressive, white, males to keep women in servitude.  It follows that women don’t need men because they can have fulfilling careers and in vitro fertilization when they desire a child.

In the process of destroying these so-called social constructs we minimize the importance of the female and the male role.  Men become less tied to the social norms that demanded their gentlemanly behavior and women sacrifice the nurturing desire with which they were wired.  Denying that a rock is actually a rock doesn’t make it so.  You can call the rock a marshmallow but you cannot actually make it a marshmallow.  By the same token we can deny the truth of maternal instincts, fatherly protection or the different nature of men and women all we want but that won’t ever make it true.  All we accomplish by destroying these roles is put one more nail in the coffin of our society.  With the destruction of one norm they use that unattached pillar to preach the destruction of each additional concept.  By attacking the family and the structure for propagating society they continue on with their concepts of overpopulation and tell us that this lessening of the parental role is necessary to reduce population so there is even less need for the familial ties that keep society going.  The existing overpopulation is consuming too many resources so we need to constrain the use of resources thus leading to further government regulation and control.  Our problems with overpopulation must be handled so more abortion is required to eliminate the undesirable children and only take on those children that are planned and acceptable.  In this way the secular overlords extend the tendrils of their control into every aspect of our lives.  They cry for clean air and clean water “for the children” and in that manner they control our natural resources through their bureaucracy.  They control the production and distribution of food in the name of protecting us but that permits them to cut off our food supply at any time they deem necessary.  They control the products we buy and the jobs we can take by regulating industry.  They control the information and the news on radio and TV via control of the airwaves.  They are endeavoring to control all of the internet so they might control all methods of information dispersal.  All of these things are permitted by and help carry forward the subjective rules of the secular anarchy that our present leaders and opponents are striving for.

What proceeds from all of this is the continued destruction of all norms.  We should be able to see that those who press to destroy the foundational faith and principles are actually driving us ever closer to a world of anarchy where nothing is wrong because nothing is absolutely right.  In the world of our overlords dreams there is no good or evil except that which they determine by their own whims.  There will be no foundational principles grounded in the Judeo-Christian faith and so what is acceptable or unacceptable can change from day-to-day or moment to moment at the whim of our so called betters.  All societal structure will fluctuate at the desire of those who lead society.  When we give up the objective standard of God’s law in exchange for a subjective standard approved and administered by man then we will get all that we deserve and more.  You need look no further than the capricious and brutal nature of the Mohammedans to see what a subjective standard created by one power-hungry man will bring you.  Mohammed wanted to have relations with any girl of his choosing and so the rules of that cult permit the marriage and consummation of same with girls of a very young and tender age.  Mohammed wanted to have multiple wives and so Islam permits this as well.  Mohammed wanted to win at all costs so the cult permits its followers to lie as necessary to deceive its enemies.  In the name of Mohammed the followers of Islam rape young children, murder innocents, strap bombs to children, behead their victims on camera and undertake all manner of barbarism to achieve their goals.  War can be a necessary undertaking at times but the willful terrorizing of the world for the gain of power and the subjugation of any faith that is not yours is despicable.  Don’t think for a moment, however, that the political monsters won’t use the same type of tactics in a different form to subjugate the rest of us in like manner.

When you hear someone tell you that a team saying a prayer at a local football game is horrible and must be stopped ask yourself whether or not that is actually true.  When someone tell you or says on the news that the viewing of the ten commandments is harmful to children in school then you need to ask yourself why a child hearing that killing, stealing, coveting is wrong is a bad thing.  If the federal government tells our people how to worship that is a bad situation and an absolute violation of the 1st amendment.  If a community or a school, however, wish to extol the virtues of their faith that is not to be within the purview of our secular overlords.

The simple solution my friends is that we have to push the federal government back into the box from which we released them.  The checks and balances that were placed on the federal machine must be utilized to full effect.  We have to take back our lives, faith, communities, cities, states and nation one individual heart at a time.  We need to show our brothers and sisters the error of the secular, morally relative, soulless system they have swallowed.  Simply put the faith of our founding fathers was the right way all along.  Self-reliance, personal responsibility, love for our neighbors, respect for our opponents and love in abundance.  God did not provide us a life of scarcity and fear as the secular warriors tell us with such fervor.  God tells us that he brings us life in the book of John Chapter 10 verse 10.  “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”.  The secularists want your life, your joy and ultimately they want your soul.  In the final analysis it’s no more complex than that.  Think about all of it when you make decisions in your life on who to support.  Ask yourself why the government needs all of the control and why an army of unelected, self-serving bureaucrats are more capable of making decisions on the lives of 300 million + Americans than are the 300 million + Americans.  God Bless you my friend and may God Bless America for many more years to come.

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